C.A.R.T. - Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology

Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology

CART is a life skills centre being developed in the rural village of Sicambeni, located near to Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The Eastern Cape is South Africa’s poorest region and has for many years been a victim of massive skill loss due to the migration of workers to the larger cities in seek of work. Invariably these migrants find themselves living in the already overcrowded Townships compounding South Africa’s desperate slum culture. Having accrued 15 years of experience working in several African Countries, building communities with the homeless, CART was formed as a centre to tackle poverty in a more holistic way. CART aims to give the local population the skills and technology to allow them to live self-sustainably without the need to seek work outside of their own villages, ultimately allowing the migrants to return to their homelands.

CART's primary goal is to complete the self sustainable model, serving as the epicentre to the surrounding village of over four hundred families. CART aims to empower and actively involve the local community at each stage of the process and in the projects decision making. This approach of involving the community in their own development allows for individuals to gain an understanding of the self and for the environment in which they live.

Technology developed here is being taught to and implemented within the community to produce a fully sustainable village. We aim to teach all the necessary skills to live completely independently from government control, these range from food production and waste management to soap making and energy production. This sustainable village can then become a living example to other communities around South Africa and globally.

The main focus in today’s climate is SURVIVAL.